Cannibal City by Jennifer Lee Thomson

4 Stars from me

I have some new favourite characters after reading Cannibal City – DI Duncan Waddell and FBI profiler Odessa Thorne are both excellent and enjoyed following them.

I also really enjoyed Waddell’s interactions with his colleague who is in a coma – Stevie.

Is it so bad that my favourite character was the murderer?

Along with some truly gruesome acts and some really quite revolting scenes – Cannibal City provides a gritty crime thriller with a brush a dark humour across the top.

The storyline was inventive and well paced and I thoroughly enjoyed the book.

My thanks to @jenthom72 @NightsBooks @damppebbles
#damppebblesblogtours #CannibalCity

Book Blurb: A killer is stalking his victims on Glasgow’s streets.

Men are being abducted, kept tied up for weeks and force-fed, then strangled and their livers are being removed.

Detective Inspector Duncan Waddell has enough problems not least of all that his best friend and colleague Stevie who’s meant to be comatose is talking to him and only him. Now he faces his most bizarre case yet.

This time he has help in the shape of FBI profiler Odessa Thorne who arrives as part of a new Police Scotland initiative.

When a career criminal comes forward to say he was targeted by the killer but somehow managed to get away, Waddell hopes it’s the breakthrough they need. But can they trust this witness who’s known to be a habitual liar?

As they close in on their ruthless killer Waddell must look into a heart of darkness to get his killer.




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