The Course of Conviction by Cheryl Butler

Today I am delighted to share with you details of The Course of Conviction (The Obsession Trilogy #2) by Cheryl Butler

The cover of this book is quite stunning isn’t it, the black and red work so well together and already put you in the right mindset for the story!

Any book which heralds ‘dark minds and dirty deeds’ certainly sounds intriguing!

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Book Blurb:
Having responded to Abbie’s absence in his own inimitable style, an unexpected reconciliation sees Joe conflicted by a need to seek revenge and a need to seek gratification, but as he wavers between hope and hatred, an unlikely reunion throws all those involved into further turmoil, deepening wounds and threatening fragile minds. Battling for normalcy, accusations and revelations abound until a devastating discovery proves almost fatal. There are lessons to be learned and theories to challenge, but who is really responsible for the endless stream of fear and betrayal? Dark minds and dirty deeds will only cause destruction when obsession knows no bounds. Explicit – strictly 18+

If you like the sound of this book then you will be delighted to know that book one in the Obsession Trilogy, A Proclivity to Prurience, will be free over the course of the blog tour: this offers you the perfect opportunity to dip your toe into this deliciously dark and dirty world!

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