The Dentist by Tim Sullivan

4 Stars from me

I was so apprehensive about starting this book! Given the title I had visions of it being about dental style torture, so I am completely relieved to be able to say that it isn’t!

The introduction to DS George Cross was excellent and comprehensive, I definitely feel well versed in his ‘ways’ after reading this book.

Considering this is an introduction to DS Cross, his family and the police team I already feel like I know them well and they feel like solid, well defined individuals to me. I can see this being the start of an addictive series.

I personally felt that the ‘explaining’ about Cross was a bit excessive, one explanation, a little internal monologue and a couple of subtle reminders would definitely have sufficed. Having said that, I work in a school so may it is a subject I am familiar with and maybe other people would need to be reminded as much as we were.

Overall, I loved The Dentist, the premise for the storyline was good and certainly engaging. The conflict with Cross and his current boss (and his old boss) was telling and his relationship with his father was very sweet!

His working relationship with his sometimes reluctant partner, Josie, was also very sweet and I liked how she came across. I have to say I am greatly looking forward to book two – The Cyclist – and I hope to see Alice develop further too.

My thanks to Tim Sullivan and Emma from Damp Pebbles Tours for letting me be a part of the #TheDentist blog tour #DSGeorgeCross @TimJRSullivan @damppebbles

Blurb: A homeless man. Violently strangled. No leads. Except his past.
An outsider himself, DS George Cross is drawn to this case. The discovery of the dead man’s connection to an old cold case then pulls Cross in further. Convinced this is where the answer to the
murder lies, he sets about solving another that someone has spent the past fifteen years thinking they’ve got away with. Cross’ relentless obsession with logic, detail and patterns is what makes him so irritatingly brilliant. It doesn’t exactly make him popular with colleagues or his superiors, though. He has numerous enemies in the force wanting to see him fail. Red flags are soon raised as suspicious inconsistencies and errors in the original detective’s
investigation come to light. Now retired, this ex-cop has powerful friends in the force and a long-standing dislike of Cross. Set in picturesque Bristol in the Southwest of England, it’s not long before the city reveals its dark underbelly, in a case of intriguing twists and turns whose result astonishes even those involved. Difficult and awkward, maybe. But Cross has the best conviction rate in Avon & Somerset Police. By far. Will this case put an end to that?



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