Out for Blood by Deborah Masson

4 Stars from me

Book 2 in the DI Eve Hunter series is a great follow on from Hold Your Tongue.

It has a great storyline, Deborah Masson is certainly not lacking in imagination! The plight of Elena and her boyfriend was very well conveyed. The horrible reality of the human trafficking being all too sadly a real part of human culture right now makes this an uncomfortable read.

The story around The Trinity was good and, again, felt all too likely to be based on reality.

Eve and her team are starting to get more defined in my mind and I am getting more of a feel for the dynamics – it would be good to know just a bit more about them though to make them come alive as individuals. I hope that in book 3 they will finally become fully formed in my mind.


Blurb: DI Eve Hunter is back in the edge-of-your-seat new detective thriller from Deborah Masson, winning author of the Bloody Scotland Crime Debut of the Year 2020.

A young man, the son of an influential businessman, is discovered dead in his central Aberdeen apartment.

Hours later, a teenaged girl with no identification is found hanged in a suspected suicide.

As DI Eve Hunter and her team investigate the two cases, they find themselves in a tug-of-war between privilege and poverty; between the elite and those on the fringes of society.

Then an unexpected breakthrough leads them to the shocking conclusion: that those in power have been at the top for too long – and now, someone is going to desperate lengths to bring them down…

Can they stop someone who is dead set on revenge, no matter the cost?


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