Brixton Hill by Lottie Moggach

4 Stars from me

I thoroughly enjoyed this delve into prison life. I found Rob’s observations of his fellow prisoners to be absolutely fascinating – it altogether made it sound less frightening and yet more awful all at the same time. One thing it definitely sounded though was authentic and his relationship with Dellar was nice.

His daily encounters with Steph were cute to start with – but then the old adage about something appearing too good to be true reared it’s ugly head…

Without wishing to drop any spoilers, I really enjoyed the story as it began to unravel and little puzzle pieces started to drop into place. There are lots of very cleverly woven little layers.

All in all, a really good read. I’ve not read anything by Lottie Moggach (great name by the way) before but I will be off to look up her other books now.

Blurb: As Rob reaches the end of a seven year stretch inside, he winds up in an open prison in Brixton. Each morning, he exits the prison gates and begins the short walk to a local charity shop, where he spends the day in the backroom sorting through other people’s discarded belongings. All he needs to do is keep his nose out of trouble and in just a few months’ time, he’ll be out for good.

One morning in the bustle of commuters on Brixton Hill, Rob notices a well-dressed woman trip over. He helps her up and they exchange a few words before parting ways, but she’s made a lasting impression on him. From that day on, Rob keeps an eye out for her – and always seems to get lucky with a sighting. Despite coming from very different worlds, the pair slowly become acquainted and Rob gets increasingly desperate to hide his current residence from her.

But who exactly is this woman who seems to have a growing interest in him? Rob must be very careful – one false step and it could set him back years


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