Space Hopper by Helen Fisher

4 Stars from me

Wow – this sure was an unusual one!

You’ll need to suspend your grasp on reality just a teensy bit in order to be able to let go and just enjoy this book for what it is.

I felt this to be more of an exploration of love/grief/faith than a time travel book – it’s like the time travel was kinda incidental.

Faye has a lovely family and what sounds like a wonderful husband – yet she aches for the love of her mother and for answers to the questions that she never got to ask.

I genuinely don’t feel I can offer a review that can do this book justice – it really quite beautiful in a wholesome way.

Just read it.

Blurb: As much as I love and need my husband, over the past few months I’ve realised something important. I can’t tell Eddie what’s been happening, no matter how much I want to. Not because he won’t believe me, but because he might.

And if Eddie believes me, he’ll try to stop me.

Faye knows that she is lucky. She has two beautiful daughters, a caring husband, close friends. The only thing that is missing is her mother, Jeanie, who died a long time ago. It is a loss that Faye feels ever more keenly as her own children grow older. Although her grief is always there, she has learned to keep it locked away.

And then something extraordinary happens, something that might allow her to speak to her mother again.

Faced with the chance to finally ask her mother all the questions she never could, Faye finds it impossible to let go of the past and live in the present. But does she really need to choose between the two? If making that choice means saying a final goodbye to her mother, Faye will try anything to hold on to both.

Beautifully nostalgic and incredibly moving, Space Hopper is an uplifting debut about mothers and daughters, time and faith, and deciding when, and how, to let go of the past.


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