Haunted by Tony Marturano

5 Stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

You’ll be sleeping with the lights on after reading this one…

I’m in love with the cover – classically clean, cold and spooky!

I have read and loved several of Tony Marturano’s books so I already knew I was in for a treat with Haunted which picks up the story following on from our first introduction to Marco and Dolce Vita.

Haunted introduces a whole new take on the property and all the works that actually needs doing in order for Marco and Ellie to be able to sell it and buy a wonderful new forever home.

The story moves at a good pace and there are some strong key characters – most of whom were also in Psychosis… although not quite as you may remember them.

There are also some delightful light touches of humour which offer a timely break in the tension. And tension is there in abundance with many scenes where it builds and builds leaving you unable to look away. No spoilers from me – suffice it to say there may be trouble ahead…

I was fortunate enough to be part of an early readers group for Haunted which was an absolute honour and something I greatly enjoyed doing. As part of this us ‘readers’ were practically reading the words as they left the author’s mind and then offered feedback. Hugely enjoyable process – if you are ever offered the opportunity I definitely recommend it.

Some of the feedback I gave at the time was:

Favourite characters: Marco, Dr Holmes, Sarah, David, Aaron and the dog!
Least favourite: Ellie.
What did you experience when reading: Anticipation, surprise, sadness, fear, pity, love.
Words to describe the book: Gripping, unpredictable, page turner, EPIC!

I would describe Haunted as a psychological ghost thriller. It has a good amount of psychological mind messing – even more some if you’ve read Psychosis. I totally think it works as a standalone, but it makes sense to go back and read Psychosis first – enjoy!

But first… did you lock the back door?

Did you check under the bed?

Wait… did you hear that?


Blurb: SEE the terror. FEAR the truth.

Their therapist told them that a mutual project would be useful. That it would help them reconnect. Heal.

That’s why when Marco Battista inherits a highly desirable property perched on a clifftop location in the idyllic fishing village of Porthcove, he and his wife see it as the perfect opportunity to turn their lives around.

The plan is simple. Move-in, renovate, and get the property sold in time for Christmas.

But first, they’ll need to survive what’s inside.


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