Dead Head by C J Skuse

5 Stars from me ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

  1. People who read books in a series out of order.
  2. The Rona.
  3. People who hurt children and animals.
  4. Trumpety Trump.
  5. People who don’t know when small talk is over.
  6. My own sense of procrastination.

Confession first – I haven’t read Sweetpea yet. Sorry. I do recommend you read the books in order – even though Dead Head worked perfectly well on its own, there is clearly a back story that it makes sense to know.

It’s on my Christmas list. Honest.

I love Rhiannon, I think I might be a Stan!

Fabulous intro to this book, I was thrown straight into her thought processes, straight into the storyline and from the very beginning I was hooked.

Very much a book of three parts and I loved all of them. C J Skuse is gifted beyond measure with her ability to engage the reader and makes scenes so easy to imagine.

I love how Rhiannon speaks – I swear it’s like the author has tapped into my inner monologue at times.

Loved the cruise, the old lady, her descriptions of the other holiday makers. Properly loved Tenoch, wish he was my uncle. Not so much a fan of his little band of evil henchmen though. Raf, obvs, his family, double obvs.

I found this darkly thrilling read to be a delightfully refreshing change from the run of the mill and I await with baited breath the day I get to read Sweetpea.

Blurb: Since confessing to her bloody murder spree Rhiannon Lewis, the now-notorious Sweetpea killer, has been feeling out-of-sorts.

Having fled the UK on a cruise ship to start her new life, Rhiannon should be feeling happy. But it’s hard to turn over a new leaf when she’s stuck in an oversized floating tin can with the Gammonati and screaming kids. Especially when they remind her of Ivy – the baby she gave up for a life carrying on killing.

Rhiannon is all at sea. She’s lost her taste for blood but is it really gone for good? Maybe Rhiannon is realising that there’s more to life than death…



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