The First Lie by A J Park

3 Stars from me

So nearly brilliant…

Great premise and great promise and I so many points I really enjoyed the story.

I don’t think I could get over my initial surprise that their first reaction was to hide the body and clean up. However, as SO MUCH was written about how thoroughly they cleaned and how arduous it was to hide the body, I kept thinking that this would end up meaning that they’d missed a tiny detail. (I won’t tell you whether I was right or not!).

Quite often, the decisions made by the two lead characters left me shaking my head and unfortunately I found it hard to connect with either of them.

The ending wasn’t what I expected and didn’t sit entirely right for me either.

Blurb: We’ve all had sleepless nights thinking about it.
You’re home alone. Someone breaks in.
In defending yourself, you end up killing the intruder.
Now you’re the one the police want.

That is the situation that criminal barrister Paul Reeve arrives home to find.
His wife Alice stands in the bedroom, clutching a bloodied letter opener in her shaking hand.

“What have you done, Alice?”
“I didn’t have a choice…”

We would all believe the person we love most.
But would we all make the same choice Paul and Alice make next…?


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