The Missing Husband by Alex Coombs

4 Stars from me

This series, and in particular DCI Hanlon, is fast getting under my skin. I can picture her, I can see how she walks and I would love for this series to be televised.

Personally, I think this is a series that doesn’t work as standalones. I think it does need to be read as a series in order to fully appreciate Hanlon, how she ticks, who she cares about and why – you can read them in isolation but you’d miss so many layers.

Following on from The Innocent Girl, in The Missing Husband she has been reassigned and is working on missing persons – a punishment or protection? Needless to say a less than run of the mill case comes her way and Hanlon in yet again embroiled in high stakes – high danger – this time involving the Russian Mafia. There are plenty of characters from the previous books in this one to draw you in and remind you of Hanlon’s previous exploits.

It was good to see another old favourite, DCI Enver Demirel in this book too albeit as a missing person – a case that Hanlon will put everything on the line in order to solve.

I love Hanlon’s energy and think if she finally crosses too many lines (as if she hasn’t already), within the force she could certainly give Joe Wicks a run for his money by becoming the nations next motivational home school PE teacher. Although, Joe might just have the edge in terms of friendliness!

My sincere thanks to @rararesources @boldwoodbooks and @AlexHowardCrime for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: A security officer is assassinated. 

A small child grieves for his father. 

A psychopath commits their first crime…

A frightened Russian woman seeks DCI Hanlon’s help in finding her missing husband. Hanlon’s not keen on the case. Until she hears a name she recognises only too well. Arkady Belanov, sadistic owner of an exclusive brothel in Oxford is involved.

And when DCI Enver Demirel, her former partner and friend, disappears, Hanlon is determined to solve the case.

Forced into an uneasy alliance with the London underworld, the race to him from the blood-stained hands of the Russian mafia is underway…


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