The Innocent Girl by Alex Coombs

4 Stars from me

Awash with fabulous characters, this, the second book of the DCI Hanlon series, see Hanlon recovered from the injuries sustained in The Stolen Child.

Early on, Hanlon is sent to work undercover by her long suffering boss. She has been promoted to DCI and for some reason the boss seems to have a soft spot for her.

Her aim is to uncover the suspected murder of a university student and I found it quite enjoyable this this brilliant woman floundered a little in her attempts to keep up with the coursework – she is human after all!

The ongoing thread of Whiteside being in a coma runs through this book and this again indicates her softer side.

Throughout the book we are treated to Hanlon’s enviable exercise regime and I must admin it makes me feel I should be doing less reading and more sit ups!

I am torn between loving her style and her zero qualms about facing down the biggest, meanest opponents and questioning how she could possibly square it with the powers that be and retain her job and rank. Even so, I find the action scenes to be superbly described – I can also hear bones crunching and smell the singing of hair…

Enver is a great character, DI Huss is shaping up nicely and I like the dynamic between all three.

The Innocent Girl is a deftly woven web of subtleties, subterfuge, feints, blocks and brutal punches – this series is a must read for renegade police fans and will leave you in desperate need for the next book in the series.

My favourite character? The vulture, obviously.

My sincere thanks to @rararesources @boldwoodbooks and @AlexHowardCrime for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: DCI Hanlon is going undercover. Oxford Philosophy lecturer Dr Gideon Fuller is in the frame, but Hanlon is not convinced.

From the specialist brothels in Oxford and Soho, to the inner sanctum of a Russian people trafficker with a taste for hurting women, the trail leads Hanlon deeper and deeper into danger – until she herself becomes the killer’s next target…

Can Hanlon track down the killer before it’s too late?


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