The Two Fathers by Keith Dixon

4 Stars from me

Having read and enjoyed a previous Keith Dixon book I was greatly looking forward to The Two Fathers.

Worried husband Brian consults PI Sam Dyke wanting to find out why his wife, Jessica, is away from home so much (just ask her, right…). In a classic case of be careful what you wish for, Brian persuades the private investigator to find out what his wife is up to. Despite his initial reluctance, Sam agrees to investigate only to uncover a can of rather dangerous looking worms. Then when Brian goes missing, Sam is left in middle of a rather murky situation – will he keep digging or walk away?

I liked the book being set in Manchester – even though I have never been there and Keith makes it easy to imagine the mean streets! Not to mention the mean and unsavoury characters who live in them.

The Two Fathers is full of humour and intelligence and the plot is cleverly devised to keep the reader on their toes. I haven’t read any prior PI Sam Dyke novels and I would imagine it probably makes sense to read the series from the beginning – I definitely feel it would be good to know some history about this interesting man… I expect he has a somewhat chequered past!

Overall a fast and engaging story with lots of danger and intrigue to keep the reader guessing.

My thanks to Emma from Damp Pebbles and Keith Dixon for letting me be a part of this #damppebblesblogtours

Blurb: Why does Jessica Hastings come home late several times a week?

Her husband asks Private Investigator Sam Dyke this simple question. Dyke doesn’t want the case: he doesn’t do divorce work… but Brian Hastings doesn’t want a divorce, he wants an explanation.

When Sam finds out what Jessica is doing, it opens up more questions. And when Brian Hastings goes missing, they’re questions he feels compelled to answer.

At the centre of the mystery is a man who most people in Manchester don’t know – Larry Stone. But those who do know him, know that far from being the simple florist he seems to be, he’s actually the biggest crook in town. He’s powerful, he’s dangerous, and he’s currently working a deal with a Dutchman who’s even worse.

And Sam is now caught in Stone’s sights as he works to find Brian Hastings, to solve a couple of murders, and to prevent Stone corrupting even more members of his own family than he already has. Before the biggest deal of Stone’s crooked career goes down.



  1. Thanks very much for the review, much appreciated. Lots more Sam Dyke books in the series! 😉

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