Sandman by Anna Legat

4 Stars from me

A fascinating spread of stories which pulled together to form one, the Sandman put me in mind of Knife Edge with its overarching theme and its web of separate threads.

In the beginning, the threads are so disparate that it seems impossible to think how they will link up but before long the bigger picture is revealed.

The beauty of this book, for me, is in the human interest elements of the different tales – for they each centred around people, families and lives… some good, some bad, most with secrets and all about to be torn apart.

DI Gillian Marsh was a good character, I liked her and look forward to reading more of her antics. If this is what she gets up to when she is on holiday then lord knows what will happen when she is on duty!

Blurb: When Christmas shoppers board the 7.15 am train to Bath Spa, they don’t expect to never see their loved ones again.

When a co-ordinated terrorist attack derails the train, the passengers are left fighting for their lives.

For Andrej the train driver, Harald the Zimbabwean farmer and Oscar the war veteran travelling with his grandson, life will never be the same again.

As the manhunt for the terrorists begins, D I Gillian Marsh must act on her instincts to find the ones responsible for this tragic attack.



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