The Silent Friend by Diane Jeffrey

4 Stars from me

As well as being a superbly captivating book, I really love the cover on this one.

My heart went out to so many of the characters during this story, probably top of the list was Maxime – although being a mother of boys I can only imagine the pain and guilt that Sandrine went through too.

Then of course, there are the true victims and their characters radiated courage and strength throughout this story.

The Silent Friend seemed quite delicately written, it wasn’t a ‘smash’n’grab’ kind of a story, it was more like a creeping tide of realisation as things began to unfold. It was beautifully written, very engaging and hard at times to read.

I couldn’t help but draw parallels with Manchester as I read this and I find it deeply sad that we live in a world where events like this are real. Much like in Knife Edge and the Sandman, I am all too aware that the prevent training which occurs across the country is vital to try to re-educate and hopefully stop some of these individuals before it is too late.

Diane Jeffrey has a lovely writing style and she very beautifully tells a rather horrible story.

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Book Blurb: Tragedy brought them together. The truth will tear them apart.

It’s supposed to be Laura’s dream holiday: a trip to France with a group of friends to see their
favourite band play live. But the holiday quickly turns to disaster, and Laura is left haunted by
terrifying images from the worst night of her life.

When Laura finds an online support group for victims like her, she’s not convinced it will help. But when Sandrine replies to her message, she seems to understand what Laura’s going through, in a way that no one else can.

Soon, Laura and Sandrine are sharing their deepest thoughts and feelings with each other. But one of them has a terrible secret – she isn’t who she says she is. And once the twisted truth is revealed, there’s no going back…


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