The Ex by Diane Saxon

4 Stars from me

Who doesn’t love a book that involves a psycho ex?

This is lovely mix of crime and psychological thriller – and both aspects are superbly captured.

There’s something a bit odd about sisters Emily and Fern…

DS Jenna Morgan sets a formidable example of what good policing looks like, she is dogged in her relentlessness and puts solving the crime before her own needs. Luckily she has a good team and supportive family set up at home. (It’s nice to read about a good cop who actually has some people who care about her at home!)

I swear the Dalmatian could have it’s own starring role in a series of children’s books too – ok so you’d need to be creative when writing about it’s drug dealing exploits but still 🙂

Diane Saxon has created a likeable set of characters and puts them into exciting settings – I am growing very fond of these books.



Blurb: Sometimes your past just won’t let go…

As a heat wave grips the country, DS Jenna Morgan is called to a domestic incident at the home of a young family in Ironbridge.

Pregnant Imelda Cheetham-Epstein has been found unconscious by her husband, Zak with serious head injuries.

When Jenna arrives on the scene, she discovers something even more disturbing – the couple’s eleven-month-old son, Joshua, is missing and the race against time begins to find him.

Is this an accident or something more sinister?

Are the two incidents linked?

Or has something in the Cheetham-Epstein’s past caught up with them?


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