Girl A by Dan Scottow

4 Stars from me

Trigger Warning*

Ok, doom doom doom, doom mongering done and dusted, skipping over the above, the book itself is a fab read. Lots of lies and lots of misdirection, I loved trying to piece everything together and guess who, what and why.

Harrowing at times, tense at others, always engaging and beautifully crafted. The imagery in relation to locations (the deserted house for example) is sublime. I could feel the dust and how porous the wood would be, the debris and decay, very atmospheric.

Glossing over the obvious… I am on the fence over whether I liked Beth.

My thanks to @rararesources and @DanScottow for letting me be a part of the Blog Tour for Girl A.

*TW: I wasn’t really aware what the subject matter for this book would be. I guessed from the title, Girl A, that there might be some kind of witness protection element to the book but I do feel that I want to start with a trigger warning as the crime committed is a particularly unpleasant one (with associations) involving a young child. This, won’t be something that everyone is ok with reading.

Blurb: Someone thinks they know who she is… and what she did.

But she insists it’s a mistake.

All Beth has ever wanted is a quiet life for her and her family. And that is what she has, until one evening a note is pushed through the door, with two words scrawled in menacing black ink; Found you.

As Beth’s neatly crafted life begins to unravel, an unseen menace torments her and those she loves. But who’s behind the threats?

Somebody is out to get Beth, but do they have the right woman?

Beth faces losing everything, and there is far more at stake than just her marriage…


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