Scars by Dan Scottow

4.5 Stars from me!

We begin with what appears to be a classic tale of someone running away – literally – from their past. In Scars we follow Lucy who has taken a job at a remote house in Scotland to be the carer for a virtually comatose man.

She is greeted by the man’s wife (Diana) who is cold and dispassionate as she shows Lucy around the house – making it clear that the downstairs is mostly out of bounds. This is not a role that most people would relish, especially so as there is no internet or phone connection available at the house, no tv and nothing to do; which made me super interested in finding out what had driven Lucy to this point in her life.


The story is mostly told from Lucy’s point of view but various chapters are told from Diana’s view point and occasionally others. In fact, the female focus of the storytelling is excellent and if I hadn’t have known better I would have felt sure these were written by a woman (a compliment by the way!).

All locations are beautifully described and the house and the nearby water and countryside were exquisitely captured. Characters were well defined and soon felt real.

Having read and been impressed by the writing and imagery from Girl A, I was very keen to join the blog tour for Scars and dare I say I think that Scars is even better than Girl A.

As the book progresses secrets begin to unravel – from all parties – and this dark psychological thriller comes to life. Just what was Lucy running away from that made her take such a remote job with such an unpredictable employer. And what mysteries lay within the past that everyone is so keen to conceal?

You can buy a copy of Scars here – at the time of writing it is a bargain at just 99p for Kindle

You can find Dan on Twitter here.


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