Comatose by Jane Badrock

4 Stars from me

I am delighted to take my turn on the Comatose book review blog tour!

The book was a complex delight from start to finish, the police team was made up of varied and individual characters – none of them seemed to fit the standard mould for ‘crime thriller copper’ which made for interesting reading.

Jane Badrock certainly injects a healthy dose of humour throughout which lifts this book from being a dark and unpleasant tale into a thoroughly enjoyable one.

Our coma victim Stella is an impressive lady, how she managed to be shacked up with her deplorable human being of a husband is beyond me. There are several points in the book where I was preying someone would punch him in the face!

DS Karen Thorpe is interesting, very much a marmite character and I am not sure I would want to work with her… but she definitely grew on me.

There are lots of characters to keep up with, a fast paced storyline, red herrings agogo and the cliff hangers and reveals come at you thick and fast.

Once I got used to it, I loved the writing style and greatly enjoyed the book.

My thanks to Zoe from Zooloos Book Tours, Question Mark Press and author Jane Badrock for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: COMATOSE…and her nightmare is just beginning.

Two car crashes, one location, one survivor.

Newly promoted DS Karen Thorpe is determined to prove these are no accidents. But the only witness is in a coma.

Now there’s a rapist on the loose.

Karen’s in the fight of her life… and her boss isn’t on her side.


Jane writes novels, short stories and poems, usually with a good dose of humour in them. She’s
probably owes it all to her late grandmother who, she’s just found out, also wrote short stories
and poems. She tends to get an idea and then run with it whether it be a 100 word short story or
an 80 thousand word novel. It all depends on the voices in her head at the time…

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