Web of Lies by Sally Rigby

5 Stars from me

I was so excited to read Web of Lies, which is the first in a new series featuring the charming  Sebastian Clifford, a former MET D.I. who we first met in Kill Shot.

Seb, is asked by his cousin to investigate her husband’s apparent suicide as she has strong reasons for thinking he didn’t commit suicide, despite the ruling from the coroner.

In a moment of fluke, yet genius, Seb ends up teaming up with Birdie who is a serving police officer who brings the ying to Seb’s yang and offers a handy way for Seb to gain access to key witnesses and contacts.

The storyline around the Ponzi scheme was fascinating, as was Seb’s particular memory skill – oh how I would love to have that! I really enjoyed following the way the story was unravelled and was completely engrossed throughout.

As much as I have enjoyed the Cavendish & Walker pairing from previous books, I completely loved this pairing of Clifford and Birdie and I greatly look forward to reading future books in this series.

My thanks to Emma from Damp Pebbles and Sally Rigby for the #WebOfLies Blog Tour @SallyRigby4 #DetectiveSebastianClifford @damppebbles #damppebblesblogtours

Book Blurb: A trail of secrets. A dangerous discovery. A deadly turn.

Police officer Sebastian Clifford never planned on becoming a private investigator. But when a scandal leads to the disbandment of his London based special squad, he finds himself out of a job. That is, until his cousin calls on him to investigate her husband’s high-profile death, and prove that it wasn’t a suicide.

Clifford’s reluctant to get involved, but the more he digs, the more evidence he finds. With his ability to remember everything he’s ever seen, he’s the perfect person to untangle the layers of deceit. He meets Detective Constable Bird, an underutilised detective at Market Harborough’s police force, who refuses to give him access to the records he’s requested unless he allows her to help with the investigation. Clifford isn’t thrilled. The last time he worked as part of a team it ended his career. But with time running out, Clifford is out of options. Together they must wade through the web of lies in the hope that they’ll find the truth before it kills them.

Web of Lies is the first in the new Detective Sebastian Clifford


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