Kill Shot by Sally Rigby

4 Stars from me

It is incredible to think this is the 10th in the #CavendishandWalker series, the books still feel fresh and each new story is interesting and well thought through. I particularly liked the introduction of the character, Seb, in this one and I greatly look forward to reading a series with him taking a more pivotal role.

Kill Shot centers around the death of a famous snooker player and I genuinely enjoyed learning more about the betting culture! The path to establishing who the killer was took several clever and unexpected turns – the murder victim appeared to be a popular, successful and happy man – his less famous business partner might be lost without him and his loving wife is devastated. Who would want him dead? A stalker is soon in the frame but could it be that simple?

This book follows on from Silent Graves and picks in terms of Whitney’s home life, with her heavily pregnant daughter seemingly happy to become a single mother. This is an element that I particularly enjoy about these ‘Cavendish & Walker’ books, there is a strong female lead team – the women in these books are all determined, feisty, opinionated, intelligent, hard working and they get the job done!

My one miniscule criticism remains that I personally find some of the dialogue exchanges a little stilted and ‘explainy’. I am not sure why Whitney has such a chip on her shoulder about ‘posh’ people either, she is at times on the verge of appearing really quite bigoted. At times I suspect she might be a bit of a pain to work with, but luckily George is there to keep her in line.

Overall, this is another brilliant and very engaging read from Sally Rigby, this is a very accomplished series and I can’t wait to read a book that places the spotlight on Seb back at the MET. Not to mentioned that I find myself needing to know how life for Whitney, Tiffany and George turns out next.

My thanks to Emma from @damppebbles and @sallyrigby4 for letting me be a part of the blog tour for Kill Shot by Sally Rigby #KillShot #CavendishandWalker @SallyRigby4 #CavendishandWalker @damppebbles #damppebblesblogtours

Blurb: The game is over…..there’s nowhere to hide.

When Lenchester’s most famous sportsman is shot dead, DCI Whitney Walker and her team are thrown into the world of snooker.

She calls on forensic psychologist Dr Georgina Cavendish to assist, but the investigation takes them in a direction which has far-reaching, international ramifications.

Much to Whitney’s annoyance, a member of the Met’s fraud squad is sent to assist.

But as everyone knows…three’s a crowd.



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