Takeover by Edie Bayliss

4 Stars from me

I love a good old gangster type novel and Takeover didn’t disappoint in that respect. The world of Samantha and Seb and their rival families was instantly immersive and I fast became involved with the story and the characters.

The casino and the family business were super interesting to read about – as were the dodgy deals and the dark depths of family history.

The family element was strong throughout and I felt quite sorry for the two mum’s at the top of each family line, they seemed almost incidental in the process and reasonably ‘innocent’ in the grand scheme of things if that’s even vaguely possible given the origins of their comfortable homes.

Takeover also had a few surprises up it’s sleeve and the Stoker family were exciting to read about as tensions developed within the brothers.

Overall a great story, heaps of excitement, danger and and little frisson of sexiness to boot!

Blurb: She’s the boss now…Daddy’s girl Samantha Reynold hadn’t bargained on unexpectedly needing to step into her father’s shoes and take over the family casino business.

Pampered and spoiled, Sam knows nothing about the rules of this glamorous but deadly new world. She has a lot to learn and even more to prove. But she won’t let her family down, especially when it looks like they could lose everything to their biggest rivals – the Stoker family.

Eldest son Sebastian hasn’t got time to pander to pretty girl Samantha as she plays at being boss. Rumours are swirling around the streets of Birmingham that have the power to rip the Stoker family apart and destroy everything they’ve built.

And Seb will stop at nothing to ensure that in this takeover, only one will succeed.


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