Blood Games by Liz Mistry

4 Stars from me

This latest instalment in the DS Nikki Parekh series sees her at an incredibly vulnerable and self-questioning stage of her life. Regular visits to therapist Mallory, seem to be helping as is highlighted by the ‘Malloryisms’ which pop up to guide Nikki through a few difficult moments.

It is interesting to read such openly ‘human’ elements within a police procedural and Nikki struggles hugely (and understandably) with her mental health throughout the book – and the thread relating to her father makes it very clear why.

The main plot is interesting – the ‘eyes’ the ‘fixer’ the ‘headhunter’ frankly all make for a terrifying scenario, made more so as the focus appears to be on teenagers. The idea of the machette attacks is simply horrific and poor injured Maz makes for pitiful reading.

The pace alternates between steady and breakneck speed!

In spite of her recent history, family conflicts and potential minefields at work, Nikki digs deep and rises to the occasion leaving the perpetrators nowhere to hide once she steps up to the plate.

Overall this is a clever and interesting story that is wrapped up pretty nicely!

My thanks to Liz Mistry and Rachel’s Random Resources for letting me be a part of the blog tour.


When a body is found at the edge of Chellow Dene reservoir Detective Nikki Parekh and DC Sajid Malik are quick to arrive.

This is the third murder in the space of a few weeks. Each murder has a completely different MO, but there is one common theme… all the victims are teenagers. The dead boy reminds Nikki of her nephew, and she feels more helpless than ever.

But then another boy goes missing. And this time his parents have been sent a threatening package too. The pattern is different again – is the killer just playing a game? Can Nikki find the strength to uncover the shocking truth before the killer strikes again?



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