End Game by Liz Mistry

4 Stars from me

There is a fabulous mystery central to this book, whereby a whole family are murdered while playing an innocent game of monopoly. Yet there is one empty seat at the table – this added a certain spike of intrigue for me and put me firmly in mind of Jonathan Creek style thrillers!

That is just one tiny aspect though, the main thrust of End Game is a gritty thriller featuring Detective Nikki Parekh and DS Sajid Malik and their team who have to delve into some pretty murky waters if they want to solve this case, and prevent more deaths.

Locations are descriptive and atmospheric and the book captures some very current and concerning themes, all handled beautifully.

Much like in earlier books by the same author, Nikki makes for a great lead character and she doesn’t shy away from the tough decisions and difficult situations – even when sometimes she arguably should! Seemingly always needing to prove herself to the senior staff, and at times feeling hindered in her investigations, Nikki is a hardworking and dedicated copper in the pursuit of the truth no matter the cost.

I found myself greatly invested in this story with its multiple threads – all so masterfully pulled together by the author and would happily recommend the Nikki Parekh novels to any police procedural / crime thriller fans.

My thanks to Rachel’s Random Resources and Liz Mistry for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: Four dead bodies. One missing person. Let the game begin.

When an anonymous tip-off leads Detective Nikki Parekh and DS Sajid Malik to the sprawling Salinger estate, Nikki’s senses are on high alert. The brutal murder of all four members of the Salinger family has shocked the sleepy Bradford village to the core.

A mother, father, daughter, and son. . .  all killed in exactly the same way – whilst sat around the coffee table, playing a game of monopoly.

But Nikki notices that there are five pieces on the board. One of the players is missing… Did they manage to escape the killer, or was the killer part of the game?

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