The Assistant by Amanda Reynolds

4 Stars from me

Full of intrigue for the reader from the first few pages, this book is told in a mix of  interviews, diary entries and emails, mainly from the viewpoint of ‘the assistant’, the slightly – shall we say – unhinged unusual Gail.

Playing on Ris’ insecurities from the very beginning in order to secure the prized role of being her live in assistant, it is left to the reader to try and work out why a 50 something lady would want to live in a basement flat and be the 24/7 skivvy to a social media diva.

Through the mixed medium in which the story is revealed, the reader learns a lot about Ris’ life and what Gail does on a daily basis. I really felt like I was sharing the space with them, the intimacies of their domestic existence was really well shared.

But life isn’t as mundane and straightforward as would first appear. The old adage that money can’t buy happiness sure rings true in these pages and I wavered many times as I tried to work out what was in in for Gail and why she put up with Ris’ self-centered behaviours.

Things really ramp up towards the last parts of the book and life unravels pretty quickly for all concerned and we find out the truth behind Gail’s motives and why there are interviews being conducted.

Overall, this is a great psychological thriller with a fast paced and clever ending. I really enjoyed reading it as part of the blog tour and thank the author, Rachel’s Random Resources, Boldwood Books and netgalley for my review copy.

Blurb: I know many things about Larissa. I know what she eats, which must-have brands she applies to her face, and the price of each carefully selected ‘piece’ in her multi-million-pound home in Belgravia.

Because Ris, as she is known to her many followers, likes to share.

And now I’m here, in her home, watching her every move.

Entrusted with her secrets and running her diary from the bijou basement flat, I’m on hand to fulfil Ris’ every need. Her right-hand woman. But what she doesn’t know is why I’m really here.

I’ve put a lot on the line to get this job, and now my plan can begin.

I’ve waited long enough.

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Author Bio – Amanda Reynolds is the bestselling psychological suspense author whose debut novel, Close To Me, was adapted as a major six-part TV series for Channel 4 in 2021. Previously published by Headline, her books have been translated into multiple languages. Amanda lives near Cheltenham.

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