Evil Intent by Jane Isaac

5 Stars from me

I leapt at the chance to be a part of the blog tour for Evil Intent by Jane Isaac. Having read and enjoyed her previous books, I knew this would be one that I didn’t want to miss.

Jane Isaac has a special ability to create characters who come alive on the page, there is such an investment in the people within the story that the reader is completely drawn in and involved throughout.

The descriptive elements are tangible, I was practically running through the woods with the first victim, with leaves and branches whipping at my skin and my own heart raced as she tried desperately to still her breathing so as not to reveal her hiding place.

Then follows the chase to catch this depraved killer before more young lives are taken.

DCI Helen Lavery has to balance her career and her home life as she tracks the killer in Evil Intent. Her professional and personal worlds look set to converge and she needs to dig deep to see this one through.

Evil Intent is a fabulous thriller / police procedural and like the previous books I can easily see this being made into an excellent TV series, especially with the added spice from the nephew of old foe Chilli Franks.

And, I love the cover.

Huge thanks to Jane Isaac and Legend Times for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: When a series of women’s bodies are discovered in the heart of rural Hamptonshire with a pentagram carved on their chests, DCI Helen Lavery is forced into a cat and mouse chase with a murderer who ultimately turns the tables and targets her.

Meanwhile, she is shocked to discover that her younger son’s new best friend is the nephew of organised crime boss Chilli Franks – the man who has held a grudge against Helen’s family since her father first put him away in the 1990s.

As her personal and professional lives collide, Helen finds herself in mortal danger as she races to track down the serial killer and restore safety to the streets of Hampton.


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