The Perfect Home by Kevin Lynch

4 Stars from me

Superbly atmospheric, this psychological thriller held my attention throughout the mundanity of everyday life and slap bang into a dark and tense thriller.

The cosy cul-de-sac that June and her family have lived in for years gets a rude awakening when a new neighbour moves in with loud cars, music, scary dogs and worrisome edge.

I felt quite sorry for June who was on the whole just a decent person and a very likeable and easy to identify with character. Despite everyone relying on her hugely for pretty much everything, her children were largely vile to her, her ex-husband was a self-indulgent weasel and the new neighbour seems hell bent on winding her up.

But when one of the other residents of the close is violently murdered and the new ‘nightmare’ neighbour starts getting a little too keen on her daughter, things really start to hot up.

Overall this is a fabulously fast read which creeps up on the reader and suddenly races towards a breathtaking finish.

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Blurb: It’s a beautiful place to live. Or die.

June is very happy in her home. It’s where she raised her two kids – now college age – and every room is filled with memories, some beautiful, some painful. She loves the garden she has worked so hard to create. She likes her neighbours in this pleasant, leafy suburb.

But lately, something has changed.

There’s the new guy across the street. He seems rough, possibly criminal. And he’s been taking a definite interest in June’s rebellious daughter, Cathy.

And there’s June’s son, Sam. He’s always been open and friendly but recently he’s been sullen and secretive.

Even more disturbing, June’s cheating ex-husband suddenly seems to be everywhere. It’s almost as if he’s stalking her.

Then, when someone she knows is murdered, June begins to understand that all these different things are connected. And as she investigates further, she realises that she herself is in terrible danger.

Because someone out there wants June gone. Permanently.



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