One Fatal Secret by Jane Isaac

5 Stars from me

I believe this is the second standalone psychological thriller from Jane Isaac, the first being One Good Lie.

In One Fatal Secret, the book closely follow the life of Nicole Jameson – I enjoyed the tight central focus on her as this forced an allegiance with her even though I had no idea of her trustworthiness, while the rest of the story played out around her.

As such, I found myself deeply suspicious of pretty much every other character. Even though I wasn’t entirely sure how much liked Nicole, the situation that developed around her was not of her making and willed her to carry on.

Two people I was very unsure about were Ania and her best friend although they grew on me as the story developed. The Harrisons however, well, charming and helpful on the surface but definitely a couple whose words and actions I scrutinised.

Nothing prepared me for the depth of corruption and depravity though, Jane Isaac crafted a suspenseful and exciting tale that gifted many surprises along the way and I really enjoyed it.

I have also greatly enjoyed her previous books, some of which are here:

An Unfamiliar Murder
The Truth Will Out
Before It’s Too Late
After He’s Gone
A Deathly Silence
For Better, For Worse
One Good Lie
Evil Intent

Blurb: Sometimes your enemies are closer than you think…

Nicole Jameson has always been proud of her husband, Ethan. He’s built a successful career in finance, and his employers, the Harrisons, treat them like family. They’re a firm who look after their own, and even gave a loan to the company chauffeur, Conrad, to fund his pilot licence.

When the two men are returning from a business trip, the worst possible thing happens – their plane crashes into the sea. No survivors are expected to be found. Nicole is heartbroken, much like Conrad’s wife, Ania. She never warmed to Nicole, but now they share a bond of grief.

When evidence is found that Conrad took drugs shortly before the plane departed with him at the controls, the two women begin to wonder if all is not what it seems. But when they ask questions about events leading up to the crash, unsettling occurrences suggest it wasn’t a good idea. Sinister-looking men follow them, the Harrisons are increasingly cagey, and the women wonder if there is not more to this than a tragic accident.

But are the most dangerous people the ones they have already allowed to get too close…?


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