Good Neighbours by Mary Grand

4 Stars from me

Who wouldn’t be tempted to run away to the safe haven of their favourite aunt’s house, nestled among close night community, affording a beautiful blend of peace and huge warm welcome.

Nia does exactly that and appears to have fallen firmly on her feet as the good neighbours on the island rally around to make her feel at home. She soon has offers for lunch, invites to the Friday night gathering and several burgeoning friendships.

It’s clear that something happened at home causing her to run away to the island and this side of things is fed slowly throughout the story.

Meanwhile, whereas I’d be curled up with coffee, cake and huge pile of books, Nia finds herself embroiled in a cosy murder mystery – well, I say cosy but it is right on the edge of that and nudging it’s way into scary.

Apparently, unable to keep her nose out of anything, and absolutely hell bent on discovering the truth, Nia puts her personal safety to one side as she doggedly sets out to uncover exactly what is going on on the island.

But will she rattle the wrong cage in the process?

This book is absolutely chock full of red herrings, misdirection and clever little ploys to divert you and make it impossible to predict how the story will conclude. Very clever. This is my first Mary Grand book, it most definitely will not be by last.

My thanks to @rararesources @authormaryg and @BoldwoodBooks for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: It was meant to be a safe place to start again…

In need of an escape from her failing marriage, Nia agrees to house-sit her aunt’s cottage on the Isle of Wight. She feels sure the cosy close in a quaint harbour town will be a safe place to hide and figure out what to do next. 

But things are not all as they seem in the close, and the neighbours who welcome her with open arms, are keeping secrets. When Nia finds the body of one of her new friends lying on the beach, she feels sickeningly sure that the killer is dangerously near to home.

Who killed her friend and why did she have to die? And if Nia discovers the answers she’s looking for, is she next on their hit list? Good neighbours may become good friends, but they can also make deadly enemies… 


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