The Tenant by Angela Lester

5 Stars from me

The dark brooding cover drew me into this story and really set the tone for the air of uncomfortableness that was about to descend.

Kate was an interesting character and a good one to follow through this story – which had and air of all those wonderful psychological thrillers about it, touches of The Girl on the Train, hints of Single White Female, who can you trust? If you love those types then you will enjoy time spent with the Tenant.

When Kate moves in with Amy, her life should be a steady path but is her apparently perfectly landlady all that she appears to be?

The Tenant is one of those books that reels you in and will have you feeling like you are watching something unravel as you say ‘no, no, no!‘ yet you can’t stop it happening.

Hold onto your hat for the latter part of the book, once that roller coaster starts running there is no stopping it!

My thanks to Zoe from Zooloo’s Book Tours, and to Angela Lester, and Inkubator Books for letting me be a part of this blog tour. Not that they’ll ever let me take part again as I am late with my post – I am so sorry!

Blurb: Amy is the perfect landlady. But she does have some ground rules… Kate has always dreamed of a life in music. And now she’s finally done something about it – giving up her steady job, moving to the city to enroll in a degree program at a prestigious college.

Needing a place to live, she answers an ad and moves in with Amy who seems a nice lady – mothering and protective.

At first Kate is glad to have some support in this strange city, but gradually Amy’s presence becomes more and more stifling – it just seems so hard to get away from her. And every time Kate tries, something terrible happens…

As her life spirals downwards, Kate struggles to understand what’s happening. Is Amy plotting against her? Or is she simply buckling under the stress of adjusting to her new life?

Fearing for her sanity, Kate knows she needs to get some answers and begins to look into the history of the creepy old house she shares with Amy. What she finds is beyond her worst nightmares…


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