When I Close My Eyes by Jemma Wayne

4 Stars from me

This seemingly simple tale had me absolutely hooked from the first few pages.

Lilith is a very interesting character and as I learnt more about her life in LA and little snippets from her childhood, I began to feel a subtle darkness sneaking its way into the story.

Her friendship/love with Cassius is charmingly depicted, her relationship with the Magda is lovely and her obvious love of Dylan and Jessie is heart warming. I take my hat off to Patrick for so patiently accepting the arrival of Lilith’s ex into the bosom of their lives.

Without wishing to give anything away, the brooding darkness soon whips itself up as the seemingly idyllic picture takes an unpleasant turn and this book is a must read for all fans of clever psychological suspense thrillers.

My thanks to Jemma Wayne and Legend Times for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: Lilith is a successful Hollywood screenwriter and life in LA could not be more different to the small Buckinghamshire village where she grew up. But everything changes when her ex-boyfriend’s child goes missing. Lilith is convinced that she’s responsible, and that she might/might unwittingly have done something terrible.The disappearance reignites old fears and compulsions and the psychological trauma of her childhood comes rushing back. Lilith is forced to confront the past and watch the foundations of the world she has created to protect herself and her loved ones disintegrate around her.


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