The Fire Killer by Ross Greenwood

5 Stars from me

Love love love this series!

It’s actually kind of hard to articulate exactly how good the DI Barton series is – I absolutely tore through this book, and at the same time felt that I could happily read about Barton and his team for ever.

Please, do yourself a favour and read these books in order:

1. The Snow Killer
2. The Soul Killer
3. The Ice Killer
4. The Cold Killer
5. The Fire Killer

I would be so happy if this was made into a long running TV series, along the lines of a Vera, Rebus, Thorne, Midsumer type thing. I can picture the characters so easily and feel it could run for years (no matter what the author might think about how long the series should be…).

My thanks to Rachel from Rachel’s Random Resources and to Ross Greenwood for letting me be a part of this blog tour.

Blurb: When DI Barton is asked to investigate a seemingly innocuous fire that kills, he believes it’s either children fooling around or a worrying racially-motivated crime.

As he delves deeper into the case, he soon realises that there is a history of similar blazes spread out over many years, all within a close area. An idea suggested by pathologist Mortis makes Barton suspect he has the arsonist’s motives wrong.

When a night worker comes forward with a tip, Barton narrows down the suspects. But with all of them acting suspiciously, he knows for sure that one or more of them must be lying. And when a huge house blaze shocks everyone, Barton fears the killer has lost all control.

Who is The Fire Killer? What will be next to burn?



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