The Wife Next Door by Rona Halsall

4 Stars from me

I could practically hear the Psycho music playing in the back of my mind as I read this one…

Sounds perfect doesn’t it, a completely amicable break up where you both realise at the exact same time that you love each other but aren’t in love and both immediately find new partners. Annnnd your new partners get along and you can all hang out together and co-parent your child. So much so that you buy side by side semi-detached houses and remove the middle fence.

I say perfect. But obviously it sounds 100% unlikely and more than a little claustrophobic. Oh and not to mention that your mum and your ex and his new partner get along too and so she’s often round at their house.

How nice.

Except that virtually as soon as they move in things start going wrong and the book becomes a race against time to find out who doesn’t think that the new set up is perfect after all.

A good old fashioned psychological thriller where the tension ramps up and things become more and more uncomfortable with every page!

Blurb: It was meant to be the perfect break-up… Just because it’s over between us, doesn’t mean we can’t be friends. My ex-husband and I still care for each other a lot, and we are determined to put our sweet little boy, Toby first.

Now we’ve moved into houses right next door to each other, with each of our new partners and their children. We’ve even knocked down the garden fence, so Toby can easily run between our homes.

But it seems not everyone is happy about this big, blended stepfamily. I try to ignore the viciously-worded note in the ‘new home’ card, the red pen scrawled through my divorce paperwork, and the day I find myself locked into my house, all the keys suddenly missing…

But I can’t pretend it’s all in my head when a false accusation is made against me that could destroy my life – and Toby’s – forever.

Someone doesn’t like what’s happening under these two neighbouring roofs.

What they don’t know is that they’re messing with the wrong person. And that hell hath no fury like the wife next door…

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