The Safe House by Louise Mumford

4 Stars from me

I made the fatal mistake of judging a book by its cover (well, title actually) and therefore this book wasn’t at all what I thought it would be about!

That, however, was a blessing as the storyline for The Safe House was a very pleasant surprise. Little Esther’s mother moves heaven and earth to make the world a safe place for her daughter. Any parent can understand how easily that madness can creep in. And for a long time, it worked, and Esther believed that the house was what kept her safe.

As the story unfolded so did a quiet sense of unease. There was something so loving, so selfless, yet so utterly bonkers about the story and I found it equally sweet/sad.

Overall it is a cleverly constructed tale and will keep you reading long after bedtime as the need to find out more takes over your need to sleep.

Blurb: “The house keeps us safe,” she says. “There’s nothing left for us outside.”

Esther is safe in the house. For sixteen years, she and her mother have lived off the grid, protected from the dangers of the outside world. For sixteen years, Esther has never seen another single soul.

Until today.

Today there’s a man outside the house. A man who knows Esther’s name, and who proves that her mother’s claims about the outside world are false. A man who is telling Esther that she’s been living a lie.

Is her mother keeping Esther safe – or keeping her prisoner?


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