To Catch A Rabbit by Helen Cadbury

3 stars from me

This book is nearly great. I like Sean’s character and have a sneaking suspicion he might grow into a fabulous lead detective in future books. Currently though, there something ever so slightly lacking for me.

Don’t let the three stars put you off, I think I am probably being a little harsh but I think there does need to be some distinction between the ‘nearly great’ and the great otherwise what is the point of reviews?

The good – Sean is great, a little impotent in this book but engaging none the less. His nan is ace. Lizzie the crime scene lady – the jury is out! It’s a good, if a little muddled, story and I definitely wanted to finish the book.

Although only 3 stars for To Catch A Rabbit by Helen Cadbury, I will be certain to seek out book two.

Synopsis: A dead woman is slumped against the door of a grubby trailer. She’s on Sean Denton’s patch, but who is she, how did she get there, and why doesn’t CID want to investigate? As Doncaster’s youngest PCSO, Denton takes the case into his own hands, but he’s way out of his depth.

People are reported mission and Denton must work backwards, before anyone else falls prey to South Yorkshire’s murky underworld of migrants and the sex trade.

Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott

Sleep Tight5 Stars from me!

What a creepy, creepy book! Ugh, I felt mostly paranoid while reading Sleep Tight by Rachel Abbott as it utterly gets under your skin! Brilliant.

I was completely hooked all the way through this story, all the of characters were spot on and story and back story of Olivia was very well put together and very intriguing.

The police side of things was also great with the main police characters coming to life on the page with plausible and engaging stories of their own. Their conversations flowed naturally and were highly believable.

Overall I had a love/hate relationship with this book and I read the last half in one sitting (making me late for coffee with a friend!) as I simply had to see how it ended. The final, final twist was one step too far for me but it was clever how integral it was to the story.

A very good and very creepy read, loved it and definitely would recommend to others.

Synopsis: How far would you go to hold on to the people you love?
When Olivia Brookes calls the police to report that her husband and children are missing, she believes she will never see them again. She has reason to fear the worst; this isn’t the first tragedy that Olivia has experienced.

Now, two years later, Detective Chief Inspector Tom Douglas is called in to investigate this family again, but this time it’s Olivia who has disappeared. All the evidence suggests that she was here, in the family home, that morning. But her car is in the garage, and her purse is in her handbag – on the kitchen table.

The police want to issue a national appeal, but for some reason every single picture of this family has been removed from albums, from phones, from computers.

And then they find the blood…

Has the past caught up with Olivia?

Sleep Tight – if you can. You never know who’s watching. 

Shallow Waters by Rebecca Bradley

Shallow Waters5 Stars from me!

What a great debut.

I downloaded Shallow Waters after seeing it on a free promotion by Rebecca Bradley, I had no idea what to expect from it.

It took me the first two or three chapters to get used to the writing style which changes between first and third person depending on which character is being focused on. With first person being reserved for leading lady DI Hannah Robbins.

Once the first couple of chapters were out of the way I found myself immersed in the story and from then onwards I was absolutely hooked! Not only is DI Hannah Robbins a brilliant character but the whole storyline and supporting cast is utterly compelling and I raced through the book desperate to find out how it would conclude.

Fast paced, gritty, informative, very hard to put down and with a fabulous building of tension that completely immerses you in the lives of all involved.

If you are a fan of crime thrillers – you will enjoy this book – highly recommend, can’t wait for no.2.


Synopsis: When the naked, battered body of an unidentified teenager is found dumped in an alleyway, post-mortem finds evidence of a harrowing series of events.

Another teenage death with the same MO pushes DI Hannah Robbins and her team on the Nottingham City division Major Crimes Unit, to their limits, and across county borders. In a race against the clock they attempt to unpick a thick web of lies and deceit to uncover the truth behind the deaths.

But it doesn’t stop there. When catching a killer isn’t enough, just how far are the team willing to push themselves to save the next girl?

‘A gritty police procedural, with no-holds barred and a shocking insight to the reality of some. Dark and disturbing, yet exceptionally compelling.’ – Mel Sherratt, author of Taunting The Dead.

‘Tense, compelling and utterly absorbing. DI Hannah Robbins is a force to be reckoned with.’ – Jane Isaac, author of The Truth Will Out.

Before It’s Too Late by Jane Isaac

Before It's Too Late4 Stars from me

A new direction from Jane Isaac in Before It’s Too Late as she introduces us to a new character, a male lead, Detective Inspector Will Jackman.

I found Chinese student Min Li to be likeable and found her plight both believable and engaging – I wanted her to be ok. The central ‘suspects’ surrounding her life were all credible and it was challenging to pick them off and work through them trying to be one step ahead of Jackman in locating the right one.

The elements of Chinese culture that were dropped into the story were very interesting, the ways in which the UK police would expect a family to work with them were skewed by the cultural differences and traditions.

As ever, with Jane Isaac’s writing, the scene setting and atmosphere are built brilliantly and you ‘live’ the situation as you read the book.

Interesting side story with DI Will Jackman’s wife and daughter.

I’ve read three books by Isaac now and enjoyed them all. If pushed I would say I think my favourite is The Truth Will Out and I’ve picked that one purely for it’s heart stopping first few chapters – I do like a book that can scare me! As it’s Internation Women’s Day today I’d also champion the female lead in that book – DCI Helen Lavery.

Why’d it drop a star? Because I guessed who dunnit!

Synopsis: I concentrated hard, desperately listening for something familiar, the sound of life. I heard nothing. Just my own breaths and the wind, whistling through branches above… The thought made me shiver. I am buried alive. Following an argument with her British boyfriend, Chinese student Min Li is abducted whilst walking the dark streets of picturesque Stratford-upon-Avon alone. Trapped in a dark pit, Min is at the mercy of her captor. Detective Inspector Will Jackman is tasked with solving the case and in his search for answers discovers that the truth is buried deeper than he ever expected. But, as another student vanishes and Min grows ever weaker, time is running out. Can Jackman track down the kidnapper, before it’s too late?