Bones In The Nest by Helen Cadbury

5 stars from me

YES! I am so glad I went on to read book two after reading To Catch A Rabbit by Helen Cadbury and only awarding it 3 stars.

Bones In The Nest is a much more accomplished read. Sean Denton is a far more rounded and developed character and now that he is a PC he is much more convincing in his actions.

In fact there are so many clear, distinct and engaging characters in this book that it is hard to just pick out a few key favourites. Sean is obvious one, Khan too was a great character and I found myself drawn to the troubled Chloe. Just as strong but most unlikable were Sean’s dad and Terry – for me, the jury is STILL out on Lizzie!

The storyline was strong and good to follow, I wanted to know the answers and I wanted to keep reading to see how things panned out. At several points Sean seems to be getting himself into deep water and is then cleverly removed from it. The social aspects of the book are relevant and help to keep it fresh and edgy.

This has all the markings of being a brilliant new detective series and I will be watching with interest to see how it develops; I can’t wait for book three!

Synopsis: The second book in the Sean Denton series. A young woman is trying to rebuild her life after prison, but someone is out there who won’t let her forget what she’s done. Racial tension is bubbling up on the Chasebridge Estate and Sean is drawn back into a web of family and neighbours he’d rather avoid. When a body is found in the stairwell of a block of flats, Sean is right at the heart of the case.

To Catch A Rabbit by Helen Cadbury

3 stars from me

This book is nearly great. I like Sean’s character and have a sneaking suspicion he might grow into a fabulous lead detective in future books. Currently though, there something ever so slightly lacking for me.

Don’t let the three stars put you off, I think I am probably being a little harsh but I think there does need to be some distinction between the ‘nearly great’ and the great otherwise what is the point of reviews?

The good – Sean is great, a little impotent in this book but engaging none the less. His nan is ace. Lizzie the crime scene lady – the jury is out! It’s a good, if a little muddled, story and I definitely wanted to finish the book.

Although only 3 stars for To Catch A Rabbit by Helen Cadbury, I will be certain to seek out book two.

Synopsis: A dead woman is slumped against the door of a grubby trailer. She’s on Sean Denton’s patch, but who is she, how did she get there, and why doesn’t CID want to investigate? As Doncaster’s youngest PCSO, Denton takes the case into his own hands, but he’s way out of his depth.

People are reported mission and Denton must work backwards, before anyone else falls prey to South Yorkshire’s murky underworld of migrants and the sex trade.