One Perfect Morning by Pamela Crane

4 Stars from me

At the beginning of this book I felt a little overwhelmed by the continually swapping POV – all first person but differing characters.

I did wonder if I’d struggle to keep up but I am so glad a persevered for almost as soon as that thought was really finalised in my mind I found that something had clicked and I was utterly hooked.

Centring around a group of friends who met at college and are now adults with seemingly perfect lives ‘One Perfect Morning’ blows apart all of the fake smiles and acceptable social veneers worn by the lead characters.

Treat the first third of this book as a very necessary introduction and then hold on to your hat for the last two-thirds as it is a twisty turny crowd pleaser of a plot!

Should you be pleased when someone dies?

Blurb: She’s made her bed, and now he’s lying dead in it…

Mackenzie, Robin and Lily have been inseparable since college. Twenty years on, they all live in the same neighbourhood with their perfect homes, perfect families, perfect lives.

But in their idyllic suburban town, no one truly knows what goes on behind closed doors. For each of these women is crumbling under the weight of a secret, a betrayal, a lie.

And when the worst happens, will the unbreakable bond of their friendship survive, though it’s started to fray at the edges?

One dead husband. Three women with motives. And they’re all best friends who have each other’s backs – or do they…?


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