One Left Alive by Helen Phifer

4 Stars from me

My first time reading anything by this author and I really enjoyed the simplistic and open writing style – I can see this appealing to a wide audience and it certainly made the story easy to get into.

Morgan Brookes sure caught a lucky break – it’s a bit of a dream scenario being plucked out of the masses and seconded to CID on your first day!

I love that it was set in the Lake District, this made for some delightful imagery among all the gore!

The storyline itself was good, a nice amount of intrigue and a race to find the killer. I found the relationship between Morgan and Ben a little bit ‘off’ not sure why, think it was all so rapid and although only having met her once everyone seemed to be heavily hinting at it – something just didn’t sit right there.

Overall, a good read with a lot packed in!

Blurb: She knelt down by the side of the first girl. She had to force herself to breathe as she lifted the soft white cloth covering the girl’s beautiful face…

When the body of a woman is found hanging from a tree in her front garden, rookie Detective Morgan Brookes is first on the scene. But Olivia Potter is past saving. And when her husband and daughters cannot be traced, Morgan knows there is more to this tragedy. And then she finds them. Lying huddled together in the dark basement, each of their faces covered with a small cotton cloth, their bodies cold to the touch.

But as Morgan kneels beside the family, she realises that one of the girls is still breathing. As she holds Bronte’s fragile hand in hers, begging her to hold on, she vows to find out who has done this.

Every day Morgan wakes at 4:25 AM, her old insomnia now mixed with a new fixation on the case. But every clue about the murdered family leads to a dead end. Until, trawling through old files, she discovers a link to a cold case from years ago. Another family was murdered in this house, and the killer was never caught.

When Morgan returns to the scene of the crime to discover more about this forgotten case, she finds another body. With Bronte still unconscious in hospital, Morgan must act fast to solve this case and lay two families to rest, before the killer returns for the girl left alive…


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