Roko’s Basilisk by Michael Blackbourn

4 Stars from me

A complex and intelligent glimpse into the (not too distant…) future. This sci-fi novella moved at a rate of knots and it felt like there was an air of urgency in the story.

With a fast and loose grip on what is / isn’t real Thomas is drawn into a seemingly unavoidable dance with the devil with very high odds at stake – the survival of the human race.

Reading this book felt like being dipped head first into an alternate reality and I am not entire sure that my mediocre brain did it justice!

I am sure that intelligent science fiction fans everywhere will love this series.

Blurb: Civilization is poised on the edge of technological collapse. Thomas Kirby, employed at a floundering company endures life on the brink, plagued by recurring nightmares and the fear of losing his job. He wants nothing more than to provide for his family and bring some stability into their lives.

Salvation seems to be at hand. His friend Roko Kasun, an artificial-intelligence researcher, shares a world-shattering secret. He’s on the cusp of launching a super-intelligent AI – a guardian-angel that promises to usher in a new world order. But only after Thomas teams up with his ambitious friend does Roko reveal the catch: his preparations to summon this god-like savior have not gone unnoticed. Roko has drawn the gaze of the Basilisk – a shadowy power capable of ensuring, or extinguishing humanity’s only chance at survival.

To unravel the threat Thomas will question everything. Is there a connection between Roko and the Basilisk, or can Roko be trusted to control the future? If Roko is lying, Thomas is the only one who can stop him. But if Roko is telling the truth, Thomas must show the courage to assist him in the most important act ever taken in human history.


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