Canaries in the Coalmine by Ross Greenwood

4.5 Stars from me

Another absolute belter of a book from Ross Greenwood who is right up there in the top tier of my – ‘must read’ authors.

It is so obvious that the author knows and understands prisons and their culture – the scenes inside were edgy and had an incredibly real feel to them.

Robbie was a appealing character and easy to empathise with. Equally the building site experience felt believable and I loved the ‘family’ feel that this held for Robbie.

Angelica’s dad was a wonderful character, a proper rough diamond and I felt so grateful that Robbie had him as an unwavering wall of support. I’d so like someone like that in my life!

I find good prisoner thrillers to be deeply fascinating and this one really hit the spot. The plight that it exposes is a dreadful dilemma which needs fixing and fast. I thought the subplot was masterfully handled – it wasn’t preachy or OTT, it was an integral part of the story which built in layers as the real world implications filtered through.


She begged for two promises.
The first was to save a life.
The second was to take one…

Life changed in the blink of an eye when a man died.
My best friend, Angelica, and I entered a hell on earth: every day was a battle to survive.
I served my sentence, but she had to stay.
Alone, with Angelica’s promises ringing in my ears, I had to pick up the pieces of my life while looking into her past.
I stepped into a nightmare world, meeting a man so evil, he’d ruined countless lives.

Now I have to decide. Can I keep my second promise?

Ross Greenwood’s modern thriller will introduce you to characters you’ll never forget in a place where gender is nothing… and everything.

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